Research Director’s Corner

Grant Education Definitions

Prime (A.K.A) BCH
Definition: The “prime” institution receives an award directly from the sponsor
Example Scenario: BCH receives a grant directly from NIH
What to Do: Contact your Grants Research Administrator if you have any questions

Indirect Costs (A.K.A) Facilities and Administrative Costs (F&A) or “overhead”. BCH indirect rates: 77% (onsite) 26% (offsite)40% (PCORI)
Definition: The expense of doing business that is not readily identified with a particular sponsored project, but are necessary for the general operation of the organization and the conduct of activities it performs
Example Scenario: i.e. utilities, administrative support, office supplies and general equipment (desks, chairs, computers), operation and maintenance of facilities, etc.
What to Do: Look over the application guidelines to see whether or not the sponsor allows in-direct costs or has other limitations

Cost-Sharing (A.K.A) In-kind, mandatory cost-sharing, committed cost-sharing, and voluntary cost-sharing
Definition: Cost-sharing occurs when an applicant contributes resources to a sponsored project and a portion of the cost is borne by BCH
Example scenario: If you work on a project, regardless of how many hours and you do not receive monetary compensation from that particular award it is considered cost-sharing
What to DO: You must receive cost-share written approval from home department or fund manager that is covering the effort

Committed Effort (A.K.A) Time devoted to a particular project
Definition: The amount of effort a PI will commit to each funded project. The funding agency will review the committed effort to ensure that sufficient levels have been committed and also to ensure that there is no commitment overlap.
Example scenario: Certify 25% on Federal grant, 5% on administration duties (includes grant submissions), 60% Non-Federal research and 10% on patient care. The total work cannot exceed 100%
What to Do: Contact your Grants Research Administrator if you have any questions

Subcontract (A.K.A) Sub-award, sub-grant or sub-agreement. Not the “prime” institute
Definition: A formalized agreement under the authority of, and consistent with the terms and conditions of an award (a grant, contract, or cooperative agreement), Under the agreement, the recipient must perform a substantive role in the conduct of the planned research. These agreements typically involve a specific level of effort from the consortium organization’s PI
Example Scenario: CHB faculty collaborate on an application or award made to another institution (prime awardee), the funds earmarked for CHB are administered as a subcontract or consortium arrangement from the prime institution.
What to Do: Contact your Grants Research Administrator if you have any questions

Definition: An individual who provides professional advice or services for a fee, but normally not as an employee of the engaging party. Consultants also include firms that provide professional advice or services.
Example scenario: Employees of the Hospital cannot be compensated as consultants. Please note that a Consulting Services Agreement will be need to be executed.
What to DO: Contact your Grants Research Administrator if you have any questions