Contact info
  • Name: Alyna T. Chien, MD, MS
  • Address:
    21 Autumn Street – Room 130.2
    Division of General Pediatrics
    Boston Children’s Hospital
    Boston, MA 02215
  • E-mail:
  • Phone: 857-218-4074

click on map above for Google Maps directions

To locate 21 Autumn Street:

*Please note that there are two Autumn Streets in Boston and the one you want runs perpendicular to Longwood Avenue and parallel to Riverway.

*When you turn onto Autumn Street from Longwood, walk past the brown brick building with the blue awning (which is 1 Autumn Street) to the next brownish-reddish brick building (which is 21 Autumn Street).

*There is a ramp leading up to the building.

Once inside, go towards the hallway on the left. Alyna’s office is the second room on the left – 130.2