Curriculum Vitae


1989 B.A. East Asian Languages & Civilizations University of Chicago
1995 M.S. Human Nutrition & Nutritional Biology University of Chicago
2001 M.D. Medicine University of Chicago
2010 M.S. Health Studies University of Chicago

Postdoctoral Training

07/2001-06/2004 Resident Pediatrics University of Chicago
07/2004-07/2006 Fellow Robert Wood Johnson
Clinical Scholars Program
University of Chicago

Faculty Academic Appointments

07/2006-07/2007 Clinical Instructor Pediatrics University of Chicago
07/2007-08/2008 Instructor Pediatrics University of Chicago
09/2008-09/2010 Lecturer Pediatrics Harvard Medical School
10/2010- Assistant Professor Pediatrics Harvard Medical School


Appointments at Hospitals/Affiliated Institutions

2004-2006 Physician Pediatrics Friend Family Health Center, Chicago, IL
2006-2007 Physician Emergency Medicine University of Chicago
2007-2008 Physician Advanced Pediatric Health Services University of Chicago
2008- Physician Pediatrics Boston Children’s Hospital
2011- Core Program Faculty Harvard Pediatric Health Services Research Fellowship Program
2015- Associate Faculty Member Ariadne Labs


Committee Service


2001-2002 Selection Committee Pediatric Residency Program, University of Chicago
2007-2008 Admissions Committee Pritzker School of Medicine, University of Chicago
2009- Research Faculty Recruitment Committee Division of General Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital
2017- Candidate-Faculty Liaison and Recruitment Coordinator
2010-2012 Finance Office Workgroup Boston Children’s Hospital
2013- Physician Organization Congress Boston Children’s Hospital
2015- Medicaid Accountable Care Organization Boston Children’s Hospital
2015- Research Faculty Chair
2017- Board of Directors



2013 Member BlueCross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

Patient Reported Outcomes Collaborative

2014 Measurement Advisory Group Massachusetts Health Quality Partners



2013 Expert Panel National Quality Forum

Risk Adjustment and Socioeconomic Status

2013-2015 Advisory Panel Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

Disparities Panel

Professional Societies

2003- American Academy of Pediatrics
2003-2004 Member
2003-2006 District VI Resident Liaison, Community Access to Child Health Program
2005 Fellow
2006-2007 Chair, Steering Committee on Quality Improvement Management Measurement Interest Group
2010 Member, Guidelines into Decision Support Expert Committee
2013- Member, Massachusetts Chapter
2013- Member, Committee on Pediatric Research (National)
2006- Academic Pediatric Association
2012 Abstract Review Committee, Pediatric Academic Societies
2014 Chair, Disparities Panel, Pediatric Academic Societies
2015- Member, Research Executive Committee
2015- Member, Public Policy and Advocacy Committee
2010- AcademyHealth
2010 Chair, Child Health Theme Selection, Annual Research Meeting
2010 Chair, Primary Care Panel, Annual Research Meeting
2011 Chair, Disparities Panel, Annual Research Meeting
2012-2015 Planning Committee, Child Health Interest Group
2015- Planning Committee, Annual Research Meeting
2013- Society for Pediatric Research
2016- Diversity and Engagement Workgroup
2014- Society for General Internal Medicine
2015 Review Committee, Clinical Decision-Making and Economic Analysis Review Abstract Selection

 Honors and Prizes

1995 Young Investigator Award Finalist American Society of Clinical Nutrition Research
1997 Summer Research Award University of Chicago Research
1998 Chicago Schweitzer Urban Fellowship Award Chicago, IL Community Service
1998 Community Service Award Maria Shelter, Chicago, IL Community Service
2003 First Place, Unusual Clinical Case Competition Chicago Pediatrics Society Best Clinical Case Presentation
2006 Region V-Fellow Abstract Competition Award Ambulatory Pediatric Association Research
2008 Community Service Award Washington Park Free Clinic, Chicago IL Community Service
2010 Most Cited Article Medical Care Research and Review Research
2012 Best Abstract in Child Health Theme AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting Research
2015 Best Abstract in Payment and Delivery System Innovation Theme AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting Research


Clinical Activities and Innovations

Current Licensure and Certification

Year Type of License or Certification
2004 Illinois
2008 Massachusetts
2005, 2015 American Board of Pediatrics


Practice Activities

2006-2007 Emergency department University of Chicago Department of Emergency Medicine 7.5 hours weekly
2007-2008 Inpatient clinic University of Chicago Pediatric Hospitalists Group 7.5 hours weekly
2008- Outpatient clinic General Pediatrics, Boston Children’s Hospital 7.5 hours weekly


Report of Education of Patients and Service to the Community


1996-1997 Washington Park Free Pediatric Clinic, Chicago IL/ Founder
1997-2003 Washington Park Free Pediatric Clinic, Chicago IL/ Clinic Volunteer
2004-2008 Washington Park Free Pediatric Clinic, Chicago IL/ Steering Committee
1998-1999 Schweitzer Urban Fellowship Program, Chicago, IL/ Advisor
2000-2005 Schweitzer Urban Fellowship Program, Chicago, IL/ Board Member


Report of Scholarship

Peer-reviewed scholarship in print or other media:

Research investigations

  1. Chien AT, Coker T, Choi L, Lowrie R, Slora E, Bodnar P, Weiley V, Wasserman R, Johnson J. What do pediatric primary care providers think are important research questions? A perspective from PROS providers. Ambul Pediatr. 2006;6(6):352-5. PMID:17116610. doi:1016/j.ambp.2006.07.002
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Other peer-reviewed scholarship

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Non-peer reviewed scholarship in print or other media:

Reviews, chapters, monographs, and editorials

  1. Chien AT. The potential impact of performance incentive programs on racial disparities in healthcare. In: Williams RA, editor. Eliminating health care disparities in America: Beyond the Institute of Medicine report. Totowa, NJ: Humana Press Inc; 2007.
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Case reports

  1. Chien AT. Seven times a charm. Chicago Medicine. 2003;106(15):14-5.